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SUMAC Jupiter ESG Sustainable Real Estate Fund LLC 506(c) Offering Platform


SUMAC Development Corporation (“SUMAC”) and JJO Realty, LLC (“JUPITER”), together, form the sponsors (the “Sponsors”) and have joined efforts to launch the SUMAC JUPITER ESG Sustainable Real Estate Fund LLC (the “Company” or the “Fund”, or “SUMAC JUPITER ESG Sustainable Real Estate Fund”) for the purpose investing capital into stable and profitable real estate markets in the United States. The Fund is managed by a joint venture entity named SUMAC JUPITER Fund Management, LLC (the “Manager”).

The Fund is a 2020 closed-end, private equity real estate fund currently fundraising and investing. The Fund focuses on investing in developing, remodeling, and repositioning properties that present sustainable ground-up or value-added real estate investment opportunities across the United States. The Fund will be deploying US $50,000,000 in capital while taking into consideration environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) factors that can positively impact the economic performance of the investments, leading to returns for its investors.

For the Sponsors, unveiling this Fund marks a milestone in their path towards meeting the evolving needs and preferences of investors who recognize the Fund’s commitment to meeting performance metrics that go beyond just economic returns, while making a real difference in the lives of tenants, communities and the planet.

"Increasing completions point to a competitive leasing environment for luxury product in 2020. About 550,000 market-rate apartments are under construction right now. Approximately 366,000 of them are scheduled to finish in 2020. That targeted delivery volume jumps sharply from 2019 completions of around 279,000 units."

According to RealPage Chief Economist Greg Willett.

SUMAC Jupiter ESG Sustainable Real Estate Fund LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

summary of operations


Growth of sustainable investing: Our Real Estate ESG Objectives

Our focused platform and business model allow SUMAC JUPITER to execute real estate investment strategies throughout the United States. Our primary responsibility is to maximize the financial return of our clients’ investments.

In assessing risks and opportunities regarding Environmental, Social, and Governance, we remain focused on the financial outcomes of our decisions as well as the social, environmental impact, and economic implications of all the choices we make.

By taking a well-disciplined approach to ESG, we can successfully balance our social and environmental responsibilities while meeting the needs of our clients and fulfilling our fiduciary obligations.


Investment Objective:

The Fund’s investment objective is to pursue overall returns by investing in sustainable, high potential growth real estate opportunities across the United States to deliver risk-adjusted returns.


SUMAC JUPITER’s real estate investment strategy includes:

  • Utilize our team’s extensive current relationships with partners and advisors to identify ‘off-market’ transactions, converting or repositioning existing buildings, and in general, drive a strong opportunity sourcing platform.
  • Provide highly diversified exposure to the asset class. Investments can be made in a variety of asset types and sizes, offering an adequate diversification to investors.
  • Having a framework for disciplined investment in growth-oriented real estate based on environmental, social, and governance criteria (ESG) as core tenet to the risk-return equation allows investors in our Fund to reduce volatility within their portfolios, helping them for the future and to obtain consistent risk-adjusted returns over time, and not cycle-dependent.

"We see ESG as an enduring market theme. It is no longer only about controversies and downside risks. ESG issues will impact company fundamentals and valuation multiples."

According to Tony DeSpirito, Managing Director at Blackrock.

SUMAC Jupiter ESG Sustainable Real Estate Fund LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

Company Management Team

The Company is currently managed by seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success of the Company and efficient execution of its planned operations.

Roy Donoso
Roy Donoso
Ron Dean

Vice President

Ron Dean

Jerry Ong
Jerry Ong
Juan Jose Crespo
Juan Jose

Sustainability is a clear competitive differentiator to attract and retain tenants, reduce operating costs, and increase long-term growth potential. Investors are now discovering how it plays an essential role in managing volatility and broader financial performance.

SUMAC JUPITER ESG Sustainable Real Estate Fund LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

Terms of the offering

Maximum Offering: US $150,000,000

Minimum Offering: US $1,000,000

Minimum Investment: US $500,000 (500 Units)

The Company is offering a minimum of 1,000 and a maximum of 150,000 Class A Membership Units (or “Interests”) at a price of US $1,000 per Unit.

Distribution of Net Cash Receipts. Net Cash Receipts, if any, shall be distributed to the Members in accordance with their Units at such intervals as the Manager deems advisable, subject to Section 6 of the Operating Agreement.

Allocation of Profits or Losses. Profits or Losses shall be allocated among the Members as follows, and subject to the terms of the Operating Agreement:

  • Class A Membership Units will receive a 6% preferred return on their initial investment, beginning January 1, 2021 and continuing annually until the Company is terminated in accordance with the terms of this Operating Agreement or as otherwise provided by law.
  • The balance of profit and losses will be distributed as follows:
    • Class A Members will receive 75%
    • Class B Members will receive 25%


Please complete the contact form and we will get back to you about any questions you have about our offering.

SUMAC Jupiter ESG Sustainable Real Estate Fund LLC // 3701 N. Ravenswood Ave. Suite 202 Chicago, IL 60613 // +1 773-716-3677

SUMAC JUPITER ESG Sustainable Real Estate Fund LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

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